A downloadable Crazy space journey for Windows

You are navigating your way back to earth through the solar system. 

You can't control the direction, you have to navigate by using the planet's gravitational forces to find the correct direction and from there you need to accelerate to slingshot you out of the planet's orbit. 

Your only controller is the Space bar, this is only to build up speed.


Programming: Fredrik Palladino Hansen
Graphics: Fredrik Palladino Hansen
Game idea: Raffaella Palladino Hansen


Air on a G string, orchestral suite no.3 in D major, BWV 1068
Antonio Vivaldi Four Seasons Summer Presto
Waltz of The Flowers Op.71

Click here for more information: 2020: A Space Odyssey (puccigames.com)


2020 - A Space Oddyssey Demo.zip 123 MB

Install instructions

This game is a executable file, there is no need for any installation, you only need to open the file and then you can play the game


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Good game, first planet was a little too precise but overall an enjoyable experience.

I would have loved to try the game but sadly it's marked as Linux compatibel but you only provide an exe...

FYI you have the game listed as working on mac but it's only the windows version (an exe)